BopGunn Presents: Midnight Marauders – The Lost Tapes Episode 7

Introducing episode 7, Farve thinks back:

“The night started like any other night. We all ate food at Sotens place before going out. However it was not like any other night. DSB had begun to park trains on a very isolated track right next to the Copenhagen airport. One train in particular stood there for a couple of weeks and just waited for us. At that time none of us could afford a car so the trip out there was by bike carrying ladders and tons of paint. At least it felt that way. The trip out there took forever and I remember my shoulder being completely numb before we arrived. But I forgot all about it when I saw the spot. Four whole cars later, that night was like no other…”

WEFUNK Radio (Interview)

In 1996 Professor Groove and DJ Static from Montreal teamed up to start what would eventually become one of the worlds longest running internet radios. Despite the fact that the show is run a 100% voluntarily, they kept up the grind over the years and gradually expanded their network of listeners. The last years they’ve been touring Europe, enabling the European listeners to experience their shows live. In December 2012, the two DJ’s visited Copenhagen.

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